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Common Questions

Q: I am still getting old pages and I am certain that the site has been updated. What do I do?

1. Open your web browser.

2. Go to the menu way at the top and click onto "Tools." A drop down menu will appear.

3. Choose "INTERNET OPTIONS..." It will be located at the bottom of that drop down menu.

4. A grey control panel will pop-up. In the center of the box that opens, there should be a heading that says "TEMPORARY INTERNET FILES " and a button that says "DELETE FILES. " Click that button and wait a minute or so.

5. Quit the browser by clicking the box with the X in it in the upper right hand corner. Start the browser again by clicking onto the icon.

When you go back to the page, you should see that the image has changed that you wanted changed.

How does this work? Your computer saves a copy of the images you look at on the internet so that it is much faster to load the page when you go back. You computer has kept the old copy of the image and we need to replace it with the new image. To do this, you empty your Temporary Internet Files so that your computer does not have a copy saved.



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