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The Association Manager makes it easy to maintain website information for any state auction association. The association’s administrators can exclusively control and update site content as needed. Both the association administration and the association members can access member information. This easy access keeps association news, announcements, press releases, and information about events, industry trends, employment opportunities, member profile changes, etc. up to date, all the time!

The Association Manager can turn any state auction association website into a powerful online source of information. For example, any member can post auction calendar information without contacting the association administration or the webmaster of the association site. Each member receives his or her own unique login information, which grants access to the members-only area. Once inside, the member can add/modify/delete information about an upcoming auction, post auction results, or change his or her member profile. The system is easy to use and requires no special training or HTML programming knowledge. And, because the system is entirely web-based, the member never has to install or download software! Updates to profiles or the auction calendar are instantaneous, so members can check the accuracy of their listings right away.

Our system gives the association freedom from the added administrative responsibilities of maintaining member info. The member also gains from this set-up because they won’t have to contact the administration to make changes on the site. And the public benefits from having up-to-date information about the association at all times.

Network Partnerships

Any association powered by the Association Manager can benefit from our network of partnerships. For example, any time an auction association member updates his or her site using our Auction Manager, the information automatically posts to the association site. The member benefits by saving time that would have been spent updating multiple sites with different interfaces, and the association benefits by receiving more accurate and timely information on its site.

Other Available Options:
Site Statistics, Affiliate, Map and Directions, Contact Manager.


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